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“What? Grow endangered native Hawaiian plants in my home garden?” What a concept, but the natives are simple to grow because they belong here!

Whether you have lived in Hawai`i all your life or are thinking about moving here, this book will help guide you in buying and developing your property and creating a beautiful environment in which to live and enjoy the bounties of nature.

Super Simple Guide to Creating Hawaiian Gardens is far more comprehensive than any other Hawaiian gardening guide!

Barbara Fahs offers unique and perfect solutions to the question ‘How?’ often asked by newcomers and residents in Hawai`i.

She outlines the essentials of organic gardening in Hawai`i (an important point), and includes easy-to-grow edibles and ornamentals, native, Polynesian and medicinal plants.

Super Simple Guide also emphasizes land stewardship: plants not to grow, ‘weeds’ to encourage, and gardens without poisons. I heartily recommend this book for both healthy living and an awareness of Hawai`i’s diverse environment.” — Angela Kay Kepler, PhD, award-winning author of numerous books on Hawaiian plants.

“This is a very useful book with a gardener’s joy shining between the lines. It’s chock full of new ideas and old ones worth repeating and is refreshingly written without a know-it-all approach. Barbara’s grateful attitude includes a sense of wonder at what nature provides in return for a bit of hard work.” — David Orr, Coordinator of Botanical Programs, Waimea Valley Audubon Center, Oahu.