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Help Conserve and Educate about Threatened Hawaiian Medicinal Plants!

I cordially invite you to become a Friend of Hi‘iaka’s Healing Herb Garden, LLC. As a Friend of the Garden you will be making a significant contribution to the conservation of and education about at-risk Hawaiian native plants that have a rich history in folklore and healing.

The benefits of membership are many!

  • You will own a percentage of the Company — each share represents .05% — and you’ll have a vote in business decisions relating to the Garden.
  • When Hi‘iaka’s shows a profit, Members will vote to distribute the proceeds.
  • It includes a lifetime subscription to our newsletter and free admission to the Garden.
  • You’ll enjoy a complimentary Garden tour.
  • If Hi‘iaka’s is ever sold, members will receive a percentage of the proceeds.
  • You’ll never be liable for any of the Company’s liabilities or damages.

Friends Membership levels:

  • ‘Ano‘ano (Seed): 1 share.
  • Kupu (Sprout): 2 shares.
  • Keiki (Child): 3-4 shares.
  • Kanaka (Adult): 5-9 shares.
  • Makua (Mature): 10 shares.
  • Kupuna (Wise Elder): 11-50 shares.
  • Ka wa e ola ana (Sustaining): 51 shares and over.

Sustaining members will receive recognition on a plaque in the garden, either on a bench or a tree which will be dedicated with your name or the name of a loved one.

Mahalo nui loa,

Barbara Fahs, Managing Member



Plants in Hi’iaka’s Healing Herb Garden

At Hi‘iaka’s Healing Herb Garden, we are very fortunate to have started acquiring some very rare and special native Hawaiian plants that we are growing, studying the uses and history of, and propagating for others to enjoy and learn about.

Below are a few of the plants in the garden. For a detailed listing and descriptions of all plants having Hawaiian names, including the botanical name, common name, and traditional medicinal and other uses, order booklet HERE.

  • ‘Awa; kava kava; piper methysticum
  • Ho’awa; Pittosporum hosmeri
  • Ki; Ti; Cordyline terminalis
  • Koai’a; acacia koa; dwarf dry lowland koa tree (endangered)
  • Ko’oloa’ula; Abutilon menziesii; Red Ilima (endangered)
  • Kukui; Candlenut tree; Aleurites moluccana
  • Kulu’i; Nototrichium sandwicense; amaranth family
  • Lau Kahi; Plantago major; plantain; plantago major
  • Mamaki; Pipturis albidus; nettle family
  • Ma’o hau hele; Hibiscus brackenridgei; gossypium sandwicense; state flower, yellow hibiscus (endangered)
  • Noni; Morinda Citrifolia; Indian mulberry
  • ‘Ohia lehua; Metrosideros collina
  • Pa’u-o-Hi’iaka; Hi’iaka’s skirt; Jacquemontia ovalifolia, Convolvulaceae (morning glory family)
  • Pohe kula; Centella asiatica; Gotu kola
  • Popolo; Solanum Americanum; glossy or black nightshade
  • Pua kala; Argemone glauca; Hawaiian prickly poppy