Healing Herb Garden Learning Center

Choose from these programs for your Learning Center Experience:

***College credit is available through participating Universities and Colleges.***

We offer one week Residency Internships, fully guided tours, Saturday Mini-Classes, 3-day Retreats, and Individualized Mini-Classes. In all of them, you will learn about Hawaiian plant healing traditions and participate in native plant medicine preparation. Perfect for women traveling alone, college students, and everyone who wants more than just a vacation.


alyssa-small Live and Learn at the Garden Residency Internships:

Live near the Garden for one week while you help take care of the plants and learn about Hawaiian herbal medicine. You will stay in a nearby vacation home and have the opportunity to spend time in the Garden. Each day you will participate in interactive herbal study with herbalist Barbara Fahs. Limited to 4 students.

Please call (808) 966-5956 or e-mail us at goddess@hiiakas.com.

If you would like to arrange your own lodging offsite, we are happy to help you find a perfect rental home, B & B or hotel nearby. We do offer a substantial discount if you arrange for alternative lodging.

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Saturday Mini-Classes:

In just two hours, you’ll learn how to make a plant medicine from Hawaiian plants that we harvest from our Garden. Perfect for busy travellers, we hold this class every Saturday morning from 10:00 until noon and also by appointment at times that fit into your schedule.

Rates apply and the cost includes materials for the plant medicine you’ll be making and taking home with you.


3-Day Retreats: Secrets of the Hawaiian Herbal Healers (kahuna la‘au lapa‘au)

Go beyond traditional Western herbalism by learning how to grow, identify and make medicine from Hawaiian plants such as Noni, kava kava, mamaki, ko‘oko‘olau and many others. Stay in a comfortable vacation rental home for 2 nights and get first-hand experience with the medicinal native Hawaiian plants growing in our Garden. Enjoy the peaceful serenity at the Garden every day. Includes continental breakfast, welcome dinner and a hearty vegetarian lunch each day.


Individualized Mini-Classes:

Offered by appointment. Sign up for one or more classes as your time and budget allow. Our price includes harvesting Hawaiian healing plants from the garden and making different types of medicine from them, such as tinctures, teas, salves for skin healing and more.

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Herbal Treatments:

We also offer herbal healing baths in our pool or the nearby hot pond, a beautiful lagoon that is naturally heated by the fires of Kilauea volcano.In the tradition of the Hawaiian kahuna la‘au lapa‘au and Mayan h’men, we offer a serene and transformational experience that can help facilitate a re-connection with your soul, which may have been frightened away by a traumatic fright, grief, sadness, or envy.

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